Felix A Kruger

Bioinformatician at BenevolentAI, London
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Welcome to my website!

I am a Bioinformatician at BenevolentAI in London. My interests are in genetics, chemical biology and molecular evolution.

Previous to my post at BenevolentAI, I was a researcher at the Farr Institute London, where I worked with Aroon Hingorani from UCL and Juan-Pablo Casas from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, developing approaches to leverage genetic information from large patient cohorts for drug repurposing applications.

I obtained a PhD in Computational Biology from the University of Cambridge, working in John Overington’s group at the European Bioinformatics Institute.

In my thesis research, I integrated bioactivity data from the ChEMBL database with homology information from EnsemblCompara as well as the Pfam collection of protein families. This integration work allowed me to systematically analyse measured small molecule bioactivities in the context of protein evolution - for example by comparing susceptibility to small molecule perturbation in two relevant species, human and rat. You can download my thesis here.

Publications and Conference Presentations


2010 - 2014: PhD in Computational Biology, Cambridge University

2004 - 2009: Diploma in Molecular Biomedicine, University of Bonn

Download full CV here.


Felix Kruger (Twitter: mo_sander / GitHub: fak).

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